QA Engineer

You can settle for less than ordinary life оr do you feel that you were meant for something better? Something greater? If so - consider joining the IT team of Empower United, a company dedicated to truly changing the world (with the help of some really great software)!


Currently we're working on some high profile and quite challenging Ruby on Rails web applications. As the pace of their development increases rapidly so does our needs for new team members.

We're now looking for talented QA engineers with extensive experience in the area of web application testing and some experience in test automation.


The ideal candidates:


- are as passionate about QA as we are (and we're very very passionate about it);

- care about making a difference through their work;

- want to learn and improve;

- are excited about web and cloud technologies;

- are experienced in either web, mobile or enterprise QA;

- have more than two years of QA experience;

- have a solid grasp on basic stuff like object-oriented programming principles, automated software testing, basic database concepts, development and testing methodologies;

- have experience with various kinds of software testing - unit, functional, integration, smoke, backend, stress, performance, user acceptance;

- have experience with some of the following technologies - Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, .Net, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, SASS, HAML, JavaScript 3/5, JQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SVN, git, Mercurial;

- have experience with some of the following testing frameworks - JUnit, NUnit, Test::Unit, specs, RSpec, Cucumber, Webrat, Capybara or similar;

- have experience with some web automation testing tools such as Selenium;

- are willing to work on projects developed from scratch and be an integral part of every step of their development;

- are open to receiving feedback;

- are willing to help their teammates and share their knowledge with them and learn from them.


Some of the responsibilities of the QA engineers will be:


- converting business requirements to test scenarios;

- implementing automated test scenarios;

- discussing and refining test specs with the members of the development team prior to feature implementation;

- conducting various forms for white-box and black-box testing;

- proactively improve the testing process with their own ideas, experience and the introduction of new tools and techniques.


A job is probably the most boring word out there. We'd like to think that what we do is more of an adventure (read this as something exciting) and less of a job. The kind of adventure we're offering is:


- being part of the development of major applications, targeting huge user base;

- being part of a team made up of highly motivated, open minded and experienced professionals;

- being part of a team made up of very friendly and helpful people;

- working with some of the hottest technologies around like Ruby on Rails 3, jQuery, HTML5, Git, Heroku;

- working on challenging tasks each and every day;

- ultimately trying to change the world, making it a better place for everyone.


If this sounds like you and the kind of adventure you're looking for - we might be the right place for this to happen. We care about quality of work and getting the job done. We care about helping each other getting better every day. We insist on everyone receiving as much as they are giving.



If that sounds like YOU then send us your CV at!